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Business Sales Planning ILT 2 days

Too often we fail to plan our route to achieving our goals for the coming year.

This programme supports the salesperson in creating their own plan to success.

Imagine the scenario where your people looked at their role as running their ‘Own Business’, their targets and objectives considered as what is needed for their business to succeed.


Course Description

This programme enables individual salespeople to plan for the year ahead through the development of a Business Sales Plan. A wise person once said, 'if you fail to plan you are planning to fail'. This is particularly true in sales, we all know what are objectives and targets are, however do we know where we are going to gain our successes and where we have left ourselves open to not achieve. This programme is aimed at preparing the ground for the year ahead. It also gives the Sales Managers a plan to support and develop their people with. 


Course Learning

To develop the salesperson strategic sales knowledge and ability so that they can plan and execute to create enhanced personal and business performance


Objectives and Outcome

A salesperson will be able to:

  • Complete their own strategic sales plan, with milestones and know how to execute the plan
  • Understand what the key factors are included in creating a Strategic Sales plan
  • Demonstrate how they can make themselves ‘stand out from the crowd’
  • Be able to evaluate progress against plan and action required changes quickly and efficiently
  • Sales Plans for every Salesperson
  • Have Sales Plans which provide the focus to growing Partners and Cisco Sales
  • Have personal VSEs for each Salesperson providing focus and execution to achieve and exceed target
  • Salespeople who ‘Stand out from the crowd’
  • Know what business focused conversations are needed with which Reseller
  • Know who the key Partners are and planning the strategy to achieve more
  • Enhance the Cisco Partner Experience


  • My Personal Vision and Brand: what this means for the business and me
  • How do I make me stand out from the crowd?
  • Knowing my Sales Objectives – Business and Personal
  • What I need to achieve for the business – breaking down the objectives
  • What I need to achieve for me – understanding what you really want to achieve
  • What do my competitors do which I need to – SWOT Analysis on the competition against your business – Competitor Intelligence?
  • Market Analysis
  • The client’s perspective
  • What do our clients want from us; the service and product perspective
  • Know my clients, their business and their needs and wants
  • How do I further enhance my client relationships?
  • My Target Market
  • Who should I be targeting within my existing client bank?
  • Who should I be targeting who are new potential clients?
  • The How and What
  • My Strategic Plan Key Milestones
  • How I evaluate progress
  • My Strategic Plan creation and presentation