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Effective Communication ILT 2 days

In business we are so entrenched in the language we use on a everyday basis that we forget it may not be easily understood by others.

This programme looks at people, how they communicate and how they can do so more easily, allowing others to really understand the messages they are giving



The Effective Communication Programme is aimed at helping to overcome a current or ongoing business challenge.  IT isn’t just your networking group these days, more of your business units have a stake in and need to be involved in future infrastructure and network planning. This requires open lines of communication between the BUs.  This course will help coach the individuals to become a more effective communicator and step out of their comfort zone to talk and present to a broader audience.   In this programme, you will learn, apply, and practice the essential skills needed to be perceived by others as an extraordinary communicator:



By the end of this programme you will:

  • Know your communication style and be able to recognise it in others
  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Be able to create a structure for your meeting which enables you to achieve the best outcome
  • Be able to relate to those you are meeting
  • Know your why, your purpose and objective for the meeting
  • Be able to gain the commitment you need to
  • Know how to gain commitment for any actions
  • You will have practiced the process and skills


  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Your Communication Style
  • You seek first to understand
  • Having a Structure
  • Relating to others
  • The Why
  • The Commitment
  • The Final Push
  • Summary and Close


This programme will enhance the communication skills of people at all levels