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Impactful Presentation Skills 2 days

A great programme to enhance your presentation skills. Provides you with the platform to ensure your presentation message is clear and achieves what it needs to by the audience


This programme will benefit anyone who presents information and/or ideas as part of their role. During the session the participants will learn the importance of a positive mindset when presenting, and, using Steve Jobs’ philosophy as a template, they will learn how to structure their presentations for maximum audience buy-in; design visuals that will both inform and wow; and deliver their key messages in the most impactful and memorable way.


By the end of this programme participants will have

  • Made initial presentations to demonstrate current skills and received feedback
  • Worked on negative mindset to create the attitude for successful presentations
  • Worked on creating their story, their compelling narrative
  • Defined their objective and outcome for their presentations
  • Build the structure for their presentations
  • Discussed and agreed how to build visuals that provide clarity of message and are visually stimulating
  • Considered the power of the 3 Vs of communication in presentations
  • Practiced their presentations and received feedback
  • Agreed actions and commitments for the future


Programme Content

  • Welcome & Opening
  • Mindset - presentations often fail before they have begun
  • Presentations in 3 Acts – based on the philosophy of Steve Jobs
  • Create the Story – your compelling narrative
  • Deliver the Experience – how to build your visual aids for maximum impact
  • Refine & Rehearse – being the best possible you
  • Presenting the opening – showcase your learning from the session
  • Action Planning & Commitment