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Key Account Management ILT - 2 days


Too often Sales teams either do not have or create Key Account Plans and then do not put these into action. This programme looks at why there is a need for a plan and more importantly how to action this. The end session allows time for the salesperson to review their plan and add the detail that helps them to focus as they need to. This also provides the Sales Manager with a great tool to review activity and success to enhance the achievement of objectives and actions and providing a coaching opportunity to build the individual

A fully interactive programme which uses an existing key account plan to develop further activities to bring success. The participant leaves with a stronger plan and action to enhance their partner success



By the end of this programme the salesperson will:

  • Know why key account plans are so important and how they help them achieve their sales objectives
  • Understand how great communication builds customer relationships
  • Know how to ask the right questions to truly understand your customer
  • Be able to position true value in customer conversations
  • Have a easily remembered process to overcome customer misunderstandings
  • Identified who else they should be adding into their account plan
  • Identified the key account plan behaviours which drive success
  • Have finalised the key account plan for 1 customer which can be their template to the future
  • Committed to putting their key account plans into action


Welcome and Introduction

  • Setting the Scene
  • Key Account Management - what does this really mean
  • Communication the key to great customer relationships
  • Understanding your customer - asking the right questions
  • Adding value to customer conversations
  • Handling objections and misunderstandings
  • Who else should I be talking to - adding to your plan
  • Do what you say you will
  • Finalising your Plan and presenting back
  • Commitment to action