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Personal UpAGear

 Anyone wishing to better themselves and planning for their personal success, unlocking their potential



This programme is aimed to help your people to unlock their potential and help them get more of what they want from life.

It is well known that the happier people are in their personal lives, the more balanced they are and the more they can give to their working lives. This is also true the other way around, the happier people are in their business lives the more they can do in their personal lives to achieve the ideal balance for them.


By the end of this session participants will:

  • Better understand themselves, what makes them successful or not
  • Understand what they want from life from a personal and business perspective
  • Have understood what holds them back and decided how to move this to a positive
  • Have created some guidelines to ensure they keep on course for a successful them
  • Have created a set of goals for them to achieve what they want from life over the coming year
  • Have a plan of action to help them have the success they want for themselves


Programme Outline

  • Programme purpose
  • My last year personal and business review
  • The lessons last year has given me
  • What holds me back and how to overcome this
  • Where do I need to focus over the next year
  • Creating my plan for success
  • Managing my goals for the coming year
  • My success starts today


Benefits for the Company

  • A team of people who are focused on what is needed for them for a successful year.                                                                                   
  • Great focus for the company
  • The balance in personal and business lives that generates success
  • A team of achievers who have their own plan for success
  • Individual personal plans for managers to measure and help support the achievement of success