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Relationship and Account Management 2 days

Our relationships with our customers are critical to our success and that of our business. The more we understand our customers, realise what is important to them and ensure we become the first people they think of when looking for new purchase the better we have achieved success in our role.

True Relationship and Account Management requires the right attitude and behaviours. This programme enhances the existing skills and develops new ones so that your people can be the success you want them to be.



This 2-day programme is aimed at creating a strong customer relationship by enhancing the skill sets of the Cisco Sales Teams. Enables the Hunters and Farmers to gain a better understanding of the customers business and how they can add value to support them. True relationships mean more business


Learning Objectives

Enhance the skills of the salespeople so that they are able to:

  • Implement their own business account strategy
  • Create their Virtual Network and identify the key relationships you need to work on
  • Plan their time to better manage your key accounts
  • Recognise how their behaviour and communication style can impact on your relationships
  • Demonstrate how to grow their business relationships with their customers
  • Develop their business conversations with key accounts to a higher level



Relationship and Account Management

  • The Trusted Partner
  • Including Account Planning
  • Personal Planning Managing your Time
  • Self-Awareness
  • Behaviour Profiling – what drives us and the impact we can have
  • Behavioural Profiling Continued
  • Adding Value to your Business Conversations
  • Consultative Negotiation Skills
  • Skills Practice
  • Creating the Account Plan


Business Outcome:

  • Creating Stronger Partnership relationships
  • Accelerated Cisco volume and profits
  • Have Business focussed conversations with our customers?
  • Have sales teams who ask the questions which enhances the relationship
  • Bringing more Customers into the Cisco Business
  • Enhance the Cisco Experience
  • Developing ‘Raving Fans’ from Customers, stronger relationships
  • Ensure your people are concentrating on the right customers to bring the best return