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Sales Enablement e-learning Sales Skills Programme

An e learning programme based upon the sales process generally seen

The programme takes the participant through the core skills to enable them to embark upon sales success. The addition of additional learning around personal and customer behaviours and how these can impact upon customer engagements at all levels.



By the end of this session participants will:

  • Recognise the different personality traits and how you can use that knowledge to influence a person’s perception and behaviour during the engagement
  • Understand how your planning and time management impact on your ability to achieve the success you want
  • Uncover the best techniques for the approach the customer, whether in the Land, Adopt, Expand or Renew stages
  • Demonstrate how questioning techniques can be used to define the customers business outcomes, to help you move towards solutions that meet their needs best
  • Create personalised benefit statements which are outcome focused based upon the information gathered from the customer
  • Demonstrate how to overcome objections and negotiate the deal through Acknowledging, Probing, Answering Questions and then closing.


Programme Outline

  • Awareness
  • Behaviour Profiles
  • The Colours
  • The Sales Process
  • Approaching the Customer
  • Understanding the Customer
  • Presenting Tailored Solutions
  • Handling Objections & Closing the Sale


The Customer and Partner Benefits

  • Total understanding of the Customers real requirements
  • Understanding your customers and recognising how to engage at a higher level
  • Enhances the sales team’s skills in asking the right questions, to drive further opportunities through the Land, Adopt, Expand and Renew stages of the relationship
  • Providing Business Solutions that really meet the customers need
  • Builds customer loyalty ‘they really understand our business and what we need’