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Sales Management 3 days


This programme is aimed at supporting those in the role of Sales Management or are on a path towards being a Sales Manager.

Our approach to the strengthening of the Sales Culture starts with the Sales Managers at each level within the business. As part of this programme we will include the discipline of a robust process and ways of doing things within the business and the recognition that this is not always going to be the most popular with salespeople as at times they will feel threatened by it. When demonstrated effectively though it brings its rewards for all as it has the benefit of creating a constructive and positive environment.

Each element provides the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are needed by a Sales Manager. 



To enhance the Sales Management Skills and Behaviours of the Managers to enable them to achieve the business success needed within their areas through harnessing the efforts of their people.


Business Outcomes 

  • Creating Business and Partner Plans, maintaining the activity and achieving the plan outcomes
  • Developing Performance Management Skills and Behaviours that enable the Sales Managers to effectively manage their business
  • Having Sales Managers who understand their people and how to motivate them
  • Having Monthly business reviews with their people to provide the focus and support to achieve their targets and objectives
  • Have Sales Managers who are able to manage underperformance in a way which leads to positive outcomes
  • Performance Coaching which helps the Salesperson to take ownership and responsibility to achieve and exceed their targets and objectives
  • Have a Recruitment and Selection Process which has a pipeline of potential new salespeople to call upon as opportunities arise
  • Have Sales Managers who are able to manage their time effectively
  • Have Sales Managers who do not take over ownership from their people
  • Have Sales Managers who actively support and grow their Partner base so that targets can be achieved


Programme Content 

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • The Vision and Strategy for the New Sales Culture in Logicom Cisco Business
  • Introducing the Sales Management Process
  • Business Planning for Success
  • Know yourself and Your Team
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Positive Performance Management
  • Training the Team
  • Performance Coaching
  • Managing my Time
  • Effective Team Meetings
  • Summary and Commitments



Within our approach we would want to fully understand the companies Process and Procedures, Management Information and Templates that are in use or being developed to embed the Sales Culture Cisco Team. These become the foundation on which the skills development is added. So with that in mind we would want to spend time with the Sales Managers and business gaining an insight into these and how these are being implemented and followed through within the business.

We would also want to understand the Sales Management roles within the business so that we have an appreciation of the skills and behaviours that are required against what are currently being displayed.