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Social Selling

This 1 day event is aimed at:

Sales professionals to maximise the use of social media tools and techniques available to enhance sales activity, develop relationships and lift sales results.

The modern sales professional working in today’s increasingly competitive environment where customers are becoming harder to contact and using the information available to take themselves further down the buying process.

Focusing on how to use technology available to simplify and streamline sales activity which top performers already understand.


Programme Objectives

After attending this course, delegates will:

  • Understand Social Selling as a concept
  • Develop a personal Social Selling philosophy
  • Recognise today’s B2B (and complex B2C) customer
  • Appreciate the components of Social Selling
  • Build a Social Selling technology platform
  • Use tools and techniques to connect and engage with customers and prospects
  • Align effective sales strategies with Social Selling best practice
  • Measure effectiveness of activity



  • Introduction and Welcome
    • Embracing Digital Disruption
  • Social Selling Mind-set
    • Tuning in
  • The Platform
    • What is best to use
    • Getting Up and Running
    • Posting
  • Engagement
    • Prospecting
    • Building Relationships
    • Worst Practices
    • Using other media
  • Measurement
    • Social Selling Index
    • Klout Score
    • Revenue Attribution
  • Bring it all Together


Business Outcomes

Salespeople who understand the strength of using social media and can use it effectively to:

  • Generate more business opportunities
  • Enhance sales results
  • Build stronger business relationships with new and existing customers