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UpAGear 2 days

In todays high pressure environment businesses find themselves with leaders who operate in silos. This causes a certain amount of dysfunctional Leadership and lack of business alignment. The UpaGear programme has been developed to support Business Team via a 2 day workshop and using a series of follow up reviews to ensure the embedding of the advise and goals the team create

This programme enables the Senior Leaders to drive out the silos and enhance business performance through alignment. This programme through a strong process, identification of lessons and business goals to create high performance creates the alignment needed for success



Senior Leaders in the Top Team will

  • Deeply Unify on Goals
    • The Top Team
  • Plan effectively and then follow through
  • Be specific and clear about accountabilities
  • Hold each other to account on performance and behaviours
  • Be effective in communication and conflict
  • Ensure the critical people for success are involved
  • Align their attitude and behaviours
  • Develop real trust and understanding
  • Create mutual respect
  • Develop the Synergy needed for success


The Programme Outline

  • Share the One Vision for the Business
  • Review the vision against what needs to be achieved by the Business
  • Past Year Review
    • Identify what has: Gone Well, Not so Well
    • Identify and define 3 key lessons and best advice from last year for the next year
  • Discuss the Top Priorities – Headline Outcomes and Objectives and what these really mean
  • Create the successful outcome for each priority
    • Identify what are the critical actions that are needed for each of the Top Priorities
    • Identify quarterly milestones for each priority
    • Be specific and clear about accountabilities
  • Agree how the results will be measured and actioned
  • Agree how you will:
    • support each other to achieve success
    • hold each other to account on performance and behaviours
  • Identify what behaviours are needed by the Senior Leaders to ensure success
  • Follow through via regular reviews and follow up actions to ensure drive to success