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E-Learning & Blended Solutions

What We Provide

Our range of services reflects an evolution in e learning. 
Today your people have numerous ways to access information and this, combined with new discoveries about how we learn best, is transforming the way we deliver learning. 
In some learning programmes the opportunity to use different forms of learning becomes valuable to your employees especially if taking them out of the work environment for long periods is not viable. 
Work hour time savings of up to 60% can be made when the correct methodology is put in place.
But simply taking a classroom lead programme and making it digital, e.g. simply clicking through a slide deck is of no value at all. This is because the information retention is often extremely poor. 
This is where the use of gamification,  interactive video and bite sized chunking comes into play. By changing  the way the learner engages with the content, they become more engaged in the learning process, therefor the learning  tends to stick.
People also learn at different speeds so allowing people to work their own pace is huge advantage as they don’t feel the pressure of a classroom environment. 
Including  peer lead examples of real world problems is also a great way to engage your learners,  this is because they see this as more relevant to who they are and what they do within the organization. 
This then lends itself to real life situational roll playing in the form of interactive games, this is great way to test competency and help a learning identify where they need to focus and improve. Along with this it’s a far better way to gather information on your learners as a whole through the formative assessments over time.
With MPI’s blended learning, you can create and package a learning journey including a variety of learning  activities  such as traditional classroom, web-based training and individual tasks.
MPI also specializes in creating videos that engage the user through methods like making them fun, informative and engaging. Also we make sure they are easy to digest by keeping them as snappy as possible. 

Our blended services include:

  • LMS Integration
  • Interface design
  • Instructional design
  • Game based training
  • Video based training
  • Social learning web based training
  • Virtual training systems
  • Mobile learning


We build e-learning in the most appropriate technologies for your project and are multi literate across authoring tools and content platforms. All our modules are built to SCORM industry standards.

Technologies we use.

  • HTML5
  • ADOBE Captivate
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate presenter
  • Lectora publisher