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Return On Investment

Customer Satisfaction

We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our clients have a great experience.

People Engagement

We enjoy seeing people become energised and excited about applying their learning for their own benefit and ultimately for the benefit of significantly improved business results.

Revenue or efficiency opportunities

We ensure our integrated learning approach supports you to improve business performance.

For example, one of our clients had been losing business and not winning bids. After working with MPI the client won 5 out of 6 major corporate bids in a row and exceeded their profit target across Europe by 20%.

ROI: Helping you measure the impacts +/-

We shape our approach in a way that measures areas of importance to you. Everything  MPI do will be done to deliver ROI. We understand that other external factors can also influence the overall results.

Preparation and follow-up Toolkits

Improving effectiveness and profitability through engagement is one of our core learning goals. We design the toolkits including video on demand, audio and materials, contained in the most appropriate technology-based vehicle for your business eg APP, Portal, Website. This ensures that your investment in learning actually sticks!

Learning ROI

We work with you from the outset to define the right areas of performance for measurement pre- and post- learning programme. This is usually around knowledge, skills and behaviours that you want to encourage. However, it is in the area of attitudinal change that MPI can really help you make a significant difference….real ROI.



Once we have defined the measures with you, we will design the participant learning experience which then connects with the outputs. Post-implementation reviews will be carried out at appropriate intervals to assess the positive impact of the learning programme.

Embedding the learning

We would usually recommend that the coaches and leaders are trained as part of the solution so that they are fully equipped to utilise our toolkits to the full. This means that after MPI has completed its assignment the participants are getting support in applying their newly acquired skills.