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Avnet Sales Training
Avnet Cisco Sales Training 1 day events
Avnet Sales Training

Sales focused events for Avnet Cisco

MPI have been delivering 1-day events for Avnet and Cisco to enable the Avnet Cisco sales teams to promote the use of the Cisco Icebreaker report. A brilliant tool which is a must have for all Avnet/Cisco Partners.

The event is sales focused and provides those attending with skills enhancements to improve their Partner conversations using Icebreaker as the centre point for the Partner engagement

The programmes are being delivered in a number of locations and are receiving great feedback from those who have attended and average scores to date are 4.6 out of 5

CISCO Partner Client Management and Enablement and Presentation Skills
CISCO Bangkok
CISCO Partner Client Management and Enablement and Presentation Skills

CISCO Commercial Sales Associates Programme Bangkok.

The MPI team is delivering Partner/Client Management and Enablement skills and Presentation Skills programme for the Commercial Sales Associates. 

This mixed programme is aimed at enhancing the Cisco team’s skills to develop stronger and better relationships with their Partner colleagues in the way they represent Cisco as well as the Partner to clients.

We are delivering in local language in the following countries:

  • India, Bangalore 
  • Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Philippines, Manila
  • Thailand, Bangkok
  • Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Elephant in the room
We specialize in removing those elephants!
Elephant in the room

What is your elephant?

It is our experience that in every part of every business there is always something that holds you back.

We specialize in removing those elephants!

This will lead you to:

  • More Profit
  • Business Growth
  • Powerful Leadership
  • A Motivated workforce
  • Business and People Alignment
  • A business full of passionate people
  • A business full of Positive Attitude

When we work with you we produce outcomes that deliver:

  • A business differentiator
  • A value proposition
  • Measurable ROI
  • Something which is easily adaptable and has a quick impact
  • The right type of approach for your business
  • Action orientated outcomes


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