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Elephant in the room
We specialize in removing those elephants!
Elephant in the room

What is your elephant?

It is our experience that in every part of every business there is always something that holds you back.

We specialize in removing those elephants!

This will lead you to:

  • More Profit
  • Business Growth
  • Powerful Leadership
  • A Motivated workforce
  • Business and People Alignment
  • A business full of passionate people
  • A business full of Positive Attitude

When we work with you we produce outcomes that deliver:

  • A business differentiator
  • A value proposition
  • Measurable ROI
  • Something which is easily adaptable and has a quick impact
  • The right type of approach for your business
  • Action orientated outcomes


If you are interested in seeking our advice & help on any of the above, please email us at quoting MPI V6.



Business Outcome Selling Programme for Commercial

MPI attended the Cisco Distribution Forum in Vienna where we received some great feedback from two of the key note speeches this included the following comments from the programme participants:

‘Fantastic - this one is pretty exceptional. Highly useful and taught this old dog some excellent new tricks’

'This is one of the best sessions I have had…fitting for somebody with little knowledge on the subject as well as somebody doing this’

‘Great Content - very relevant to my business - precise, punchy, impactful’

‘Valuable material - forging new and broader relationships across the account base’

This is are just some of the brilliant feedback we have received.
The call to action for others to attend the programme as well as discuss with us other specific consultancy needs.

MPI was created to help businesses Maximise the Performance of its People and that is what we are proud to do with all of our clients.

The programme is aimed at helping sales people to have conversations at higher levels of a business aimed at understanding the ‘outcome’ wanted by the customer and what this really means to them. Leading through a process which ends up with the type of technology requirements they need to achieve the outcome they want.

Road Warrior team in India
Road Warrior team in India Road Warrior team Singapore Mike working with the India Team Indea Team India Team in session

Cisco’s Road Warriors

MPI have been delivering a series of Sales training programmes to Cisco’s Road Warrior team across APJC.

Locations include: Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Malaysia, Mayanmar, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney,

W are able to use local trainers ensuring language is not an issue.
Great fun, lots of learning which the Road Warriors are enjoying.
Lots of engagement, fun and interaction which has gained great results for the Road Warrior sales teams.