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Alpha Publishing Team
Group Photo of the Alpha Publishing Sales Team
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Alpha Publishing Sales & Team Building

MPI recently delivered a bespoke session for Alpha Publishing, focussed on Team Building and Advanced Sales Techniques.  Eyad Darawsheh and Beverley Beattie at Alpha Publishing have been a pleasure to partner with, providing clear insight to what they wanted to achieve, which enabled us to deliver a bespoke solution for their Alpha Global Team Conference.  Working closely with the Alpha Global Team enabled us to design a solution that will enable them to maximise performance through team work, cultural alignment and vision with practical tools that will be implemented immediately back at the workplace.  The Alpha sales team came away with a clear understanding of their sales process, their USP and how to build valuable relationships with clients and other key stakeholders.  Understanding their own and peers’ behavioural profiles enabled the team to develop self-awareness and be better equipped to interpret and fulfil their clients’ requirements.

We were delighted and encouraged by the engagement & passion shown by the team, which we believe will enable Alpha to accelerate their growth across key markets worldwide.  We are looking forward to continuing our learning & coaching partnership to ensure the learning from this session is embedded and sustained.

“Thank you to Craig Wardman, Nikki Kaur and the rest of the MPI team for an excellent training day. We had asked a lot from them but Craig’s unfailing energy throughout the day ensured the programme was delivered. Here’s to the next Company Meeting! “ - Beverley Beattie

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