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Cultural Transformation

The secret to successful cultural transformation.

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You can’t not have a business culture. Left alone, people will develop their own and this may be positive and aligned to the vision and values of your organisation, but then again it might not be. A positive outcome is guaranteed after MPI has helped to identify effective change management strategies provided leaders with the skills to drive positive change in your culture.

Put a group of people into a room and they will quickly develop a ‘way of doing things around here’. Values evolve, and both positive and negatively styled ones help and hinder the shape of the culture according to its environment and context.

Deliberate cultural change is happening in business’s world-wide, including your competitors’. Remember:

  • Change must be aligned to your business’s vision and values.
  • Every member of your organisation is affected by cultural change.
  • Effective strategy and leadership are critical in creating your positive organisational culture.

Do you know how cultural transformations affect businesses today?

The only constant thing in life is change and businesses deliberately try to evolve, shape or transform their culture. If this isn’t done deliberately, people will evolve their own way of doing things and that’s why change management needs effective leaders – to make sure that culture change is a positive one.

In order to create a positive culture aligned to the corporate vision and values of your organisation, your change management process must be both strategic and focus on strong leadership development. Get these right and your organisation will thrive and grow; get them wrong and your business will stay still or, more than likely, end up going backwards.

Each area of your business is affected by transformational shift. Every member of your organisation, – employees, directors and managers – are different in their personalities and appetite for change. Effective strategic change management leads to positive business transformation, because it aligns the vision and values of your organisation with everyone in your business. Effective coaching for leaders of the change process is essential for the business’s goals, its culture and a positive outcome overall.


You will find that your competition is sharpening their propositions and enriching their cultures to support greater levels of team work and team performance. Cultural transformation is everywhere. If you want your organisation to win, MPI’s bespoke change management programme will give you the tools to succeed.

Our blended learning approach, tailored to your business needs, is frequently chosen to enable employees to learn in a way that suits them. Although traditional face-to-face learning is still as powerful and effective as ever.


MPI, across various businesses, have consistently focussed on understanding the people issues, created a programme to correct and improve the culture, then instigate a monitoring system to ensure successful implementation. MPI are competent, professional, focussed and working with them is a real pleasure. Adrian Wright, Managing Director Bluewater
CEO Moss Bros Plc
CEO Speciality Retail Group Plc

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Want to find out how MPI can help your business thrive?

MPI will work with your organisation, identifying where you are now and developing transformational strategies and leadership requirements to take your business to the New World

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The MPI Approach

Vision and values workshops for leaders and top teams to create the vision and culture for the future, the new world.

  • MPI will work with your organisation, identifying where you are now and develop transformational strategies and leadership requirements to take your business to the new world.
  • Use the year-long UPAGEAR Workshops to get your team behaving and thinking more effectively. The programme is designed to embed the change and create long-term transformation within the new world of your business.
  • MPI run values workshops across the organisation so the wider team understands the new world and their place within it.
  • We also provide bespoke executive coaching to support your personal transformation and growth.
  • We develop specific team or divisional learning programmes and materials to support the change management, and the transformation of your business’s culture, behaviour or skill set. aligning employees throughout your business.
  • MPI will train the trainer. Including your in-house training team allows change to be led with the help of your senior team members.
  • Alongside skills based workshops, MPI conducts further rounds of training workshops to make sure the culture is completely embedded and employee understanding is high.
  • We realise that cultural change and inculcation (integration) requires monitoring, so MPI will conduct surveys to make accurate assessments of your progression.
  • Ongoing learning can be facilitated by MPI’s blended learning solutions, giving employees access to HD films, gamification, e-Learning and audio. This enables them to engage with the new world at their own pace and using a learning style that suits them.

MPI’s blended solutions provide data analysis that tracks the development of your people, employees and leaders, allowing your business to make more effective decisions about current and future learning and development needs.

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