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Executive coaching is designed to accelerate the performance of your business executives, senior managers and new management appointees. MPI’s executive coaching supports and encourages your business’s leaders in a safe, exclusive environment where they are encouraged and developed in order to realise their potential and achieve their career goals.

Your people already have the skills and abilities needed to improve their performance. What MPI’s faculty of executive coaches does is act as the catalysts for accelerating your executives performance. Our experience enables our coaches to work with those chosen individuals in your organisation for them to be more effective and more fulfilled, and therefore grow the strength for business.


All executives can benefit from MPI executive coaching.

All of our bespoke executive coaching programmes are designed to achieve specific, identifiable and agreed outcomes that are continually monitored throughout the duration of your development programme. MPI’s faculty of dedicated coaches act as facilitators throughout the process; our job is to accelerate the process of positive personal change in your people. At the end of every programme, it’s the individual that knows they’re the one who made the change.

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MPI are able to provide executive coaching at all levels of your organisation, but our experience identifies four distinct groups:

  1. Leaders

    Typically, leaders of many organisations, often like yours, lack someone they are able to share and test their ideas with concerning vital actions to drive the business forward. MPI’s experienced coaches are on hand and an invaluable asset in these situations.

  2. Executives

    Successful organisational change begins at the top. A primary function of the coach in this scenario is to keep your executives focused on the changes in behaviour they want to achieve, and ultimately, their contribution to performance excellence in leading the business to success.

  3. New Appointess

    Starting a new, high-level role in a new business can be daunting because it often represents enormous challenges. New behaviours must be adopted by your new appointees and there are sensitive relationships that must be worked on, both inside and outside the business. MPI’s coaches can add structure to these challenges and make the transition a success.

  4. Teams

    While executive coaching is often considered beneficial for an individual, MPI also design long-term coaching programmes to benefit the top team. Having a coach to accelerate the team’s performance is powerful and forward thinking. To combine the two practices will bring benefits to both individuals and teams in driving growth and performance for the business.

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MPI, across various businesses, have consistently focussed on understanding the people issues, created a programme to correct and improve the culture, then instigate a monitoring system to ensure successful implementation. MPI are competent, professional, focussed and working with them is a real pleasure. Adrian Wright, Managing Director Bluewater
CEO Moss Bros Plc
CEO Speciality Retail Group Plc

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The MPI Approach

Most of the time, people already have the skills, gifts and abilities necessary to improve performance in a significant way. MPI act as a catalyst for implementing the changes that enable you to realise this people potential. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for each of our clients, and we guarantee the confidentiality of every session.

All our coaching programmes are designed to achieve your specific, identifiable results, which we define with you at the beginning and monitor constantly throughout the programme. We are coaches and facilitators rather than advisors. Our job is to accelerate the process of positive personal change, not drive it.

At the end of every programme our clients will know they are the ones who made the changes and achieved the results.

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