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“For things to change, first I must change.”

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MPI’s leadership and management programmes are centred around the development and growth of your leaders’ ability to engage, align and lead teams to successful outcomes. It also works to develop your leaders’ ability to create vision for the business and define and shape a culture that frames the way you want to do business, while also treating your staff and customers in the right way.


How can MPI develop my business's leaders now and for the future?

That’s easy: by developing your leaders into highly self-aware individuals who are careful about how they make the right impact, who can attract, coach and develop excellent people within your organisation, and individuals that support future talent succession. Above all though, we’ll ensure your leaders make the right impression on your new and existing staff by consistently setting the right example. Leaders who foster a climate where staff willingly give their discretionary effort help ensure your organisation achieves its vision.

MPI leadership development services include:

  • Executive coaching.
  • Leadership development.
  • Maximising coaching cultures.
  • Cultural transformation.
  • UPAGEAR team programme (see ‘UPAGEAR’).
  • Building and leading high performing teams.
  • Leadership talent management.

How do I develop more effective leaders in my business?

Executive coaching, leadership development, developing a coaching culture, building high performing teams and talent management are all essential learning elements needed to support the successful development your leaders. Our bespoke programmes focus on effective leadership by exploring how to:

  • Deliver results through coaching and engaging the efforts of your team and wider teams within your business.
  • Nurture ‘discretionary effort’, the modern label given to successfully facilitating positive engagement, energy and commitment to complete work required on time, from an individual or team.
  • Create the culture, context and environment in which your people thrive and become willing to do what it takes to deliver your company vision results.
  • Grow trust within the team and organisation through setting an example and doing what you say you will do.
  • And above all, shape vision and keep the team focused on it – even when things get tough.
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MPI uses various leadership models to help shape the best outcome for you and your clients, using our tried and tested approach. One of our most commonly applied models is Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Practices Inventory or LPI (below). This is an action oriented methodology, easily learned and applied to improve leadership impact for results.

  1. Challenge the status quo.
  2. Shared and inspiring vision.
  3. Model the way.
  4. Enable others to act.
  5. Encourage the heart.

MPI develops leaders all over the world in different cultures and countries – it’s one of our strengths. We deeply understand cross-cultural differences which, in this world of globalisation, modern day leaders need to know.

Feedback on leadership style is an essential part of a leader’s development. MPI facilitate this through a 360-degree feedback appraisal process (sometimes using the LPI model). Once done, the feedback is discussed and improvements agreed to be implemented often through executive coaching or the leadership programme.

When applied daily as actions and behaviours, principles one to five make leadership a science and not an inherent or innate skill often misjudged as charisma. Charisma is important and most useful, but we can all become better leaders by applying these behaviours and actions on a daily basis.


MPI’s work developing strong leadership skills usually includes a programme of personal executive coaching. In addition, we design specific leadership development programmes tailored to support business leaders, like yours, in developing the right values based leadership style. Once learned and implemented, this style will improve staff retention (saving money) and improve results significantly (making money).

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MPI, across various businesses, have consistently focussed on understanding the people issues, created a programme to correct and improve the culture, then instigate a monitoring system to ensure successful implementation. MPI are competent, professional, focussed and working with them is a real pleasure. Adrian Wright, Managing Director Bluewater
CEO Moss Bros Plc
CEO Speciality Retail Group Plc

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The MPI Approach

  • MPI work closely with you to assess the change required in your business.
  • We then develop a bespoke programme to deliver, through greater leadership effectiveness, the organisational growth and development identified for your organisation.
  • Finally, we work closely with your business to facilitate specific goals, ROI and measure the progress of improving leadership effectiveness against them.

Your business improvement goal will therefore be achieved by increasing the effectiveness of your organisation’s leadership team.

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