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Performance Management

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Performance management training is aimed at business line management members responsible for managing the performance of your employees. The training is ideal for organisations wanting to gain a consistent approach to performance management or about to introduce a new performance management process and appraisal into their organisation.


Course Objective

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • Shared a common understanding of how performance management systems can be effectively used to raise the performance of individuals and your team.
  • Enhanced their skills in setting clear expectations and objectively measuring individual performance using performance objectives and competencies as key measures.
  • Identified and practised some performance management strategies and techniques to enhance the performance and motivation of underperforming and high-performing team members.
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But this will need tailoring to your business.

This personalised, interactive modular programme will bring consistency in applying performance management throughout your business. That includes helping your managers and team leaders recognise their role in effectively managing performance and conduct at work. Links can even be made to the organisation’s policies throughout the modules to help embed effective performance management techniques and practices into an existing framework.

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MPI designed and delivered a thorough, well-measured series of programmes to inculcate our new performance management process and appraisal. MPI also helped us design the right way to achieve the consistency of scoring and rating performance for all staff at all levels. They then did a super job in coaching and supporting us in developing that consistency through regular check-in workshops for our managers – these ‘clinics’ and discussion groups made sure they were all doing their job in the same way. We would recommend MPI to all companies wishing to carry out a similar project. Head of L&D of a Regional Building Society

The MPI Approach

  • Typically a modular series of workshops and practice experiences, shaped according to your organisation’s desired way of incorporating performance management.
  • The process will have been designed and the way of assessing performance against the competency framework agreed.
  • MPI will then work with your business to design the right learning methods to support the managers involved in bringing it into the daily routine and the new way of working.
  • MPI will work with SMEs from the management team and refine the content for final sign off.
  • Our coaches and facilitators will be selected to match the business culture and style of delivery required by the business.
  • MPI and the client will agree the measures of success at the beginning of the programme in order to define the ROI for the organisation.
  • MPI can also provide ongoing coaching support for managers to ensure learning is fully embedded into your business by the end of our contract.

Potential Modular Content

  • Creating and sustaining high performance teams.
  • Key characteristics of a high performance team.
  • Stages of group development.
  • Role of team leader in achieving high performance.
  • Group ‘shapes’ exercise with review, presentation and individual reflective exercise.
  • The principles of performance management.
  • Core elements, principles and benefits of an effective performance management framework.
  • Performance management cycle and purpose of the annual performance review.
  • Organisation’s performance appraisal process.
  • Quizzes, presentation and group discussion.
  • Setting performance measures.
  • Objective setting process.
  • Setting and communicating performance objectives.
  • Identifying core behaviours that drive high performance.
  • Presentation, a ‘shoot out’ exercise with facilitated group review, exercise and discussion.
  • Reviewing and assessing performance.
  • Reviewing different levels of performance.
  • Objectively assessing and rating performance.
  • Case study with group learning review and discussion.
  • One-to-one performance review meetings.
  • Structuring performance review meetings.
  • Giving constructive and motivational feedback.
  • Using questions to help employees review their own performance.
  • Presentation, skills practice in small groups, group learning review.
  • Review and next steps.
  • Review of learning and action planning.
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