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Behavioural And Competency Framework Design

Find out how MPI can help you link great individual performance to your corporate goals and values

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MPI can help you connect great individual performances to your corporate goals and values. How? Because we understand that in order to meet the future needs of your business, it’s vital to continually motivate and develop your people in your constantly changing markets. They’re the lifeblood of your organisation, and we believe your people remain the most crucial differentiator – for all aspects of business growth.

By creating a behaviour and competency framework, not only will it allow your employees to work more effectively and achieve their potential, but there are also valuable business benefits in linking personal performance with corporate goals and values.


What is a Behaviour and Competency Framework?


A Behaviour and Competency Framework sets the standards for demonstrable performance outputs as well as behaviour inputs, creating a set of minimum standards required for effective performance at work. The framework identifies and defines each technical attribute (such as problem-solving or commercial acumen) and behaviour (such as critical analysis or flexible thinking), and outlines specifically what people should do to be successful in their roles. It clearly establishes how their roles relate to organisational goals to create a clear link between individual performance and business success.


How a Behaviour and Competency Framework can grow your business.


The framework provides the standards and expectations that leaders are required to deliver against to help your organisation achieve its goals. By collecting and combining competency information, you can create a standardised approach to performance that's clear and accessible to all of your employees. This will enable you to:

  • Effectively measure that your people demonstrate the skills and behaviours to grow your business.
  • Hire the right people for your organisation based on their skills, attitudes and behaviours, increasing productivity and reducing attrition.
  • Performance manage and reward people more effectively by recognising exceptional performance and addressing any development issues.
  • Identify skill and competency gaps more efficiently to build targeted development initiatives focusing on key skills and behaviours.
  • Plan and execute affective talent management and succession plans that will retain and grow talent, allowing for future resource planning.
  • Improve performance and reduce costs by having the right people with the right skills and behaviours focusing on your business priorities.

MPI, across various businesses, have consistently focussed on understanding the people issues, created a programme to correct and improve the culture, then instigate a monitoring system to ensure successful implementation. MPI are competent, professional, focussed and working with them is a real pleasure. Adrian Wright, Managing Director Bluewater
CEO Moss Bros Plc
CEO Speciality Retail Group Plc
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The MPI Approach

MPI’s experts have worked with clients around the world to define, design, implement and embed effective and sustainable behaviour and competency frameworks. We shape our approach to meet the specific needs of your business and we do this by:

  • Gaining a real understanding of your strategic goals.
  • Offering a fresh perspective and defining the future skills, behaviours and competencies you need your people to demonstrate.
  • Supporting a gap analysis of your current competencies and behaviours to match current actual performance and future requirements.
  • Developing business-enhancing solutions that translate strategy into integrated people initiatives.
  • Working with you to ensure the ROI benefits are seen and providing post implementation reviews at appropriate intervals to embed the positive impact of the behaviour and competency framework in line with your business goals.
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