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CODNNECT - European Organisational Development Training Partner

MPI are proud to be working in collaboration with CODNNECT.


CODNNECT are a Consultancy based in Poland who are launching a new European initiative. The first Development Consultancy Academy aimed at Organisation and Development Professionals.


Sharing Skills and Experience Across Europe

The Academy is utilising the skills and competencies from ourselves (MPI) as well as other consultancies from Germany and Poland; a true collaboration.

The Academy will offer a series of Organisation and Development Programmes to provide and enhance the skills and knowledge to O&D professionals and organisations across Europe.

The Codnnect Academy utilises the OD Process model of:

Manager having a briefing with an employee

Professionals are able to access the Academy’s variety of specialisms through a modular programme delivered by a relevant academy specialist.

Part 1 - An introduction to Orgasational Development

Part 2 - The organisation and its development

Part 3 - Organisational diagnosis processes

Part 4 - Organisational diagnosis tools

Part 5 - Organisational Development project management design

Part 6 - How an organisation learns (2 days)

Part 7 - Organisational Development project management, implementation

Part 8 - Organisational Development project evaluation

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