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How do you make a success of business-to-business
in today’s world?

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It’s no real surprise that while the world has moved into digitalisation and orders are placed online, business relationships are still the critical component to success in business-to-business (B2B) sales.

How effective are your people at developing magnetic, lifetime B2B relationships? Do they have strong relationships with some of their clients yet can’t connect with others? Why is that? It's the most frustrating thing for sales leaders when B2B success relies on doing new and repeat business with all of your clients.

Here are some thoughts for you:

  • There is an art form and science to it.
  • It's a learned skill.
  • It's a consciously applied skill.
  • Relationships are about individual style, personalities (profiles) and behaviours, and the affect we have on others, like clients, either positively or negatively.

Find out how to get more from your sales force.

You can enhance your peoples’ B2B selling skills by helping them understand:

  • Who the customer is (profile wise).
  • How to communicate more effectively with a wider range of clients.
  • Their natural default behavioural preferences.
  • Their sales style and skills, and how to significantly improve results.

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We can help because we understand:

  • Business relationships in B2B and how to maximise the opportunities for you.
  • Salespeople and how they tick.
  • What the client wants from you and what’s important to them.
  • What makes salespeople great in B2B situations.
  • What makes the difference between good and great.
  • The skills, behaviours and attitude for salespeople to be successful in B2B roles.
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In B2B relationships, the client’s key considerations are usually:

  • Do I like and trust this person?
  • Are they concerned about me (the client) and do I feel important to them?
  • Is the product and service what I need and want?
  • Is the experience of dealing with this business and individual, so far, a good one?

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Find out how MPI can increase my B2B sales revenues.

MPI’s programmes are based upon the business-to-business issues you face and the outcome you wish to achieve. We use a variety of methods to bring these attributes and talents to life, creating sales people who perform and maximise their performance.

Using our expertise and experience, MPI will work with you to create a bespoke programme designed specifically to suit the needs of your organisation. We base our programmes around the key issues necessary for success, ensuring a worthwhile return on your investment. Our programmes are inclusive, practical and always make bringing success to your business the main focus.

What are you waiting for? Contact MPI today and let us help you maximise the performance of your people and business.

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In my 16yrs career in the IT Sales Industry, I have had the unique privilege of attending several soft skills training, hence can speak with some level of authority on the quality of training, training materials, content, presentation skills and delivery methodology. I have found the CDSA Training delivered by MPI to be the most fulfilling of all the trainings I have attended. The experience compares to what an organise will expect from a custom-made program; very flexible, and adapting, it was almost like building a self-healing, self-adapting program that twisted and turned at every point to adjust to the needs of the class. Yet not deviating from the program. (I constantly made referred back to the syllabus to ensure my team was not pushing you out of the schedule) Cisco Systems Distributor

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The MPI Approach

  • We always start by understanding the business outcomes you want to achieve for your business-to-business team.
  • We’ll want to gain a feel of the culture of your business and, where change is needed, what its future culture needs to be.
  • We want to understand the current skills and attributes of the team so we know the starting point.
  • We ensure the programme includes practical exercises on the skills we discuss so participants can put their new abilities to the test.
  • We set a business-to-business sales challenge at the end of the programme to check the skills in a real-life scenario.
  • From experience, we know that embedding the skills and attributes you want your team to gain, takes more than a training programme. So we’ll always look for the best solution for you and your business to ensure you achieve the success you want to.

The best solution is one that’s owned by your business and with that in mind we look for practical ways to ensure the programme mirrors your every-day life – what we deliver is as one with you.

We know that a success outcome for you is a successful outcome for us.

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