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Call centres are commonplace in business today and are often the only point of contact your customers have with your business. The experience your customers receive on their call is of paramount importance to their satisfaction and therefore retention.

With intense competition in, for example, energy, telecoms and banking, and the customers’ ability to switch provider ever easier in today’s market, customer retention is of significant importance. Call centre experience is directly linked to this – your customer must be happy with it.

Does the experience your call centres give to your customers meet your desired vision? Can a gap be identified between the experience your customers need and what you’re providing? How can you give call centre staff the learning they need and also maintain productivity?


How to get your call centre to provide the best customer experience.

The first stage is to identify the gap between your vision for customers’ experience and what they actually get. From that, MPI will develop your call centre team to overcome specific issues that are found.

Unfortunately, customers will sometimes call in with a complaint. This is when the customer relationship is at its most vulnerable and when the call centre service person must be at their resilient best! For that to happen consistently throughout all customer contact calls, your team must be fully conscious of their personal state and know how to be emotionally resilient. Equipped with processes and techniques learned from MPI Coaches, they’ll be able to manage the call for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Call centre employees at work

Following thorough research, MPI will design a bespoke programme to help the team overcome gaps in call handling and service skills. With downtime in mind, learning is delivered in bite size chunks of video, audio and short, sharp face-to-face sessions. We make the most of the time your representatives spend off the phones by immersing them in learning activities. It's a crucial investment in both them as individuals and the future of your business.

Your call centre team, from its leaders and managers through to the company’s tele-representatives, will learn how to efficiently handle complaints, confrontation and any issues your customers may have. They’ll ensure a win-win resolution for all.

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MPI, across various businesses, have consistently focussed on understanding the people issues, created a programme to correct and improve the culture, then instigate a monitoring system to ensure successful implementation. MPI are competent, professional, focussed and working with them is a real pleasure. Adrian Wright, Managing Director Bluewater
CEO Moss Bros Plc
CEO Speciality Retail Group Plc

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The MPI Approach

  • MPI work closely with your business to identify the gap between the customer service vision of your business and service the customer receives currently.
  • MPI develop a specific, bespoke programme to educate your call centre teams to provide excellent customer service.
  • Learning is given in bite size chunks so call centre productivity is not affected.
  • Your call centre team will be able to deal with every issue that your customers have.

Remember, a happy customer is a retained customer.

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