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Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer journey mapping is the process of tracking and describing all the experiences that your customers have as they encounter a service or set of services. It takes into account not only what happens to them, but also their responses to their experiences. It’s used to reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation in the experience delivered by your business, and acts as a strategic tool to ensure every interaction with the customer is as positive as can be. Mapping the customer experience has very significant benefits.

Getting close to customers and walking in their shoes leads to great insights, and it’s a powerful way of winning hearts and minds among staff.


Bringing the outside in

Thinking and working to a customer-focused approach, understanding your customers’ journey and the experience it provides is critical in today’s marketplace. It doesn’t matter if you are a retailer, in financial services or any other business; your customers’ experiences play a significant part in what drives their loyalty.

How we engage with our customers starts at the first single point of contact. Adverts they see, websites they browse and the shop or branch they visit. Too often within the business we don’t recognise the impact we have and the experience we provide because we’re so close to what we do.

MPI provides the external expertise needed to help you see how you’re performing compared to the customer experience you want to provide.

The tools we use to differentiate the service & experience
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The four critical elements for customer journey mapping are:

  • The moments of truth you demonstrate to customers and staff when engaging with them. These become the customers’ reality as this is what they’ve experienced from the engagement.
  • The experience you provide to customers, whether good or bad, is what they’ll remember and talk about.
  • Process mapping with a customer hat on provides a picture of the experience. This always includes understanding the reality of peoples’ lives and how this impacts on those moments of truth.
  • Measuring the customers’ experience today against the business ideal.

What you gain from working alongside MPI is the opportunity to embark upon a journey to identify what you want, where you are today, consider your customers’ views and create a customer engagement experience that enhances customer loyalty and retention.

So what are you waiting for? Contact MPI today and let us help you maximise your customers’ experience using our customer journey mapping process.

We have the way providing you have the will.

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Working with MPI to design and implement our new customer journey and experience enabled our team to increase customer satisfaction levels across the business. Progressive Building Society

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The MPI Approach

The idea behind customer journey mapping is to identify, in each part of the customer’s journey, where touch points and engagement areas can be improved. This would be the customer’s entire within the business, looking at the end to end process and the experience that the customer engagement provides.

Our approach helps you to:

  • See and approach things from the customer’s point of view.
  • Identify where customers are being confused by different touch points, some of which you may not even be aware of.
  • Meet expectations (often raised by the customer’s other sector experiences).
  • Recognise that people’s time is valuable and be flexible about how and when they can access the business.
  • Deliver a seamless, streamlined experience that cuts across silos by recognising where and when it makes sense to join things up for the customer.
  • Understand how much you can expect people to do and recognise where you might be imposing undue stress.
  • Get it right when it really matters, for example when emotions are highest or need greatest.
  • Look at your current situation and your ideal one side-by-side and genuinely redraw the customer journey.
  • Deliver information, messages and services at the most appropriate time.
  • Target limited resource for maximum impact.
  • Plan the most efficient and effective experience by reducing duplication and shortening the length of processes.
  • Anticipate demands on the system and plan so that you can meet these.
  • Prioritise between competing calls on resources by showing when and where needs are greatest and service most valued.
  • Identify ‘baton-change’ points where service or communication breakdown is most likely.
  • Identify problems and issues without attributing blame.
  • Identify cheapest ‘cost to serve’ and influence people to transact with you in a way that minimises costs (eg use new channels).
  • Set performance indicators and standards so you can measure and track progress over time.
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