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Relationship Based Selling

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Selling as part of a business relationship involves understanding the people you sell to. MPI’s self-paced Relationship Based Selling programme will help your sales team to sell increased volume more profitably. MPI’s Relationship Based Selling Programme has delivered successful results for our clients time and time again.

Put a group of people into a room and they’ll quickly develop a ‘way of doing things around here’. Values evolve; both positively and negatively styled ones can help and hinder the shape of a culture according to the environment and context.

Knowing the people you sell to is mutually beneficial for both you and your customers. Developing your sales team’s relationship skills will increase the frequency and size of sales, and at the same time develop customer loyalty. This will also boost your sales team’s morale and they’ll care more about performing well.

MPI’s course delivers proven, measurable results that won’t fail to improve your sales team’s performance.


How to transform your sales team for high performance.

By learning to see the world through the eyes of their customers, your sales team will learn more about their personalities. Add that to an awareness of your businesses needs and they’ll be able to develop opportunities to sell more in terms of frequency, volume and breadth.

Working in his way means your sales team will fully understand the sales process, the purchase motives of your clients and be able to ask the right questions at the right time. This ability to know the customer and deliver a mutually beneficial performance will increase the morale of your team, retention of your customers (as they will be increasingly satisfied) and, as your team becomes more satisfied, your staff retention will also increase.

MPI’s Relationship Based Selling programme is delivered through self-managed learning so as not to intrude too much on your sales team’s valuable time. The platform used for delivery is cloud-based so the measurable learning of high performance skills can be delivered anywhere.


Think you guys did a really good job, very relevant to what we do. It is all about person types, business case and about the metrics. Really enjoyed the modules including the Profiling. Thought the length of the modules was great and was time well used. I think I am a strong closer so I went through the Handling Objections and Closing Techniques twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Saw real improvement BDM for a Cisco/Ingram Micro Partner Company - USA

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The MPI Approach

  • Your delegates will learn the basic skills of relationship based selling.
  • Foundations skills will then be transferred into the sales process.
  • MPI will teach your team the advantages of planning their time and approach.
  • Most importantly, delegates will learn how to approach and understand their customers.
  • Your team will also learn how to ask the right questions at the right time to create and maximise business opportunities.
  • Your team will also learn how to present specific, tailored solutions to fulfil your customers’ needs.
  • Delegates will also learn how to overcome objections and close a sale.

There’s no doubt your sales team will become a high-performance team.

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