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Core Team

J Brown
M Willoughby


A High Performing Team.

A team whose members are deeply committed to one another’s personal growth and success. That commitment usually transcends the team.

The high-performance team significantly outperforms all reasonable expectations given its membership. It is a powerful possibility and an excellent model for all teams and potential teams.

Why UpAGear

UpAGear provides a tried and tested approach that transforms teams’ performance and delivers a step-change in results for executives and leaders of all organisations.

Because teams fail to:

  • Deeply unify on goals
  • Plan effectively
  • Be specific and clear about accountabilities
  • Hold each other to account on performance and behaviours
  • Be effective in communication and conflict
  • Align their attitude and behaviours
  • Develop real trust and understanding

The Challenge

  • How do we improve how we work together to achieve better results?
  • How do we develop as leaders and as a team?
  • How do we make it sustainable?


The Solution

  • A year-long programme
  • Meeting with a team on a monthly basis
  • Working in a business-focused way, and still getting to the deeper team issues
  • Structured in following a process, flexible to adapt to the needs of the client
  • Embedded in an online process to help the team keep itself on track 

Once you choose UpAGear as the programme to transform your team, an UpAGear Coach will work with you facilitating you and your team to success and high performance. 

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